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Bringing You The Best Coffee, Beans, & Brewing Equipment Possible

Experienced & passionate people make better coffee.

Using only the best coffee beans roasted in house we serve up a better cup than any cafe in town.

You can buy premium coffee beans from us, become a member of our coffee club, shop the best coffee equipment available from our retail store or online marketplace.

Got kids? We love 'em and we've got a spot just for them right in the cafe. We're your local gathering grounds and look forward to serving you!

Make Our Place Your Gathering Grounds

Our Coffee

GGC doesn’t just love coffee – we love good coffee. For that reason we only sell the best. We are currently roasting our own in-house, right here in downtown Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Not only do we try to serve the best grind possible but we use premium brewing techniques which can add lots of body and complexity to the coffee that standard drip can’t match.

Although our standard brew is made in a commercial drip machine we offer many premium brew options including Chemex brewed coffee, single cup pour-over, Aeropress coffee, french press brews, and traditional espresso and espresso based drinks.

We know you’ll love it.

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Top Rated Double Espresso Cups

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The Percolator Vs The Espresso Maker

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