bodum chambord vs brazil

What is the Difference Between Bodum Chambord and Brazil?

Bodum ChambordThe main difference between the Bodum Chambord and the Bodum Brazil is the price. That really is the essence of it. A quick check of the current prices of these two French presses shows that the 0.35 liter Chambord is priced at around 30 British pounds, while the similarly-sized Brazil is priced at 21 British pounds. So, of the two, you can consider the Chambord to be the higher end version being offered by Bodum, while the Brazil is more of an entry level product.

This difference in price reflects in the way the two French presses are constructed and designed. So, for instance, when you look at the Chambord, you’ll be seeing a product which has more shiny surfaces, where the body and the lid are made of steel and glass. Other parts of the product have a matte black kind of finish. The overall effect is a product which exudes a lot of class. The Chambord looks sleek in a very timeless way. You may be paying more for this product, but you will also get a sense that you’re getting more for your hard-earned cash.

Bodum_Brazil_Coffee_MakerThis is in contrast to the Brazil. Since the product is less expensive, Bodum also made it a point to adjust the look of the French press to convey a different impression. Instead of shiny metal surfaces, you’ll be seeing a press that is made more of polypropylene. Instead of going for a sleek look, Bodum chose to make this product more colorful, and more fun. You could say that it would appeal to people who have more playful personalities, or who don’t mind having a French press with bright colors. There is a black version of the Brazil. But it also comes in red, lime green and white colors.

So this means that before you can make a choice between the two products, you will need to have a look at both, especially the Brazil, in order to judge whether the product will work with your kitchen or other space. If you plan to put it in a kitchen with mostly stainless steel appliances and surfaces, a lime green Bodum Brazil might stick out too much.

Another possible consideration is that the Chambord offers more sizes to choose from. More specifically, the Brazil has 0.35 liter and 1 liter sizes. The Chambord has these as well, but it also comes in 0.5 liter and 1.5 liter versions. So if a 1 liter French press isn’t large enough to handle your coffee-making needs, you might have to go for the 1.5 liter Chambord version. There are also smaller differences such as the fact that the Chambord has a more curved handle while the one on the Brazil is more angled.

In the end, the decision that you will make will be based more on the importance of a lower price as well as whether a classic-looking French press is important to you. If you’re okay with something a lot more colorful, a lot more playful, then the Brazil may be more your thing. However, if a sleek and classic look are what you are looking for, then you may want to spend more to get the Chambord.

Petty? A bit in our opinion.

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