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What Coffee Has The Least Amount Of Acid?

Which Coffee Has The Least AcidThe debate about whether coffee has an impact on digestive health rages on, and whatever side of the fence you sit on, there is a lot to be said for consuming less acid when you have a problem with acids. There are many who believe that coffee has an effect on their acid reflux and there are about as many who deny it has anything to do with the acid in the coffee.

At Gathering Grounds we’re keen to provide a range of top quality coffees and let our customers decide whether low acid in coffee is a good thing or a bad thing.

The acid levels of coffee are often far lower than people imagine. While coffee is often reported to be bitter, it isn’t very acidic and can be made less so.

While some people with sensitivities to acidic foods can get some relief from cutting coffee out of their diet, it isn’t always necessary. There are significant reductions that can be made by just switching to a different kind of coffee instead.

What Beans Are Lowest In Acid?

To get beans that don’t give you problems, you’re most likely to have some success with darker roasts. The roasting process appears to remove the acidic properties of the beans. This means that usually espressos are going to be less of a problem if you have concerns about acid levels because they are customarily made with darker roast beans.

This needs to be checked with every purchase though, as there is no rule to say that espresso must be made with any kind of roast, it’s just a common trend.

Espresso is also great because it can be diluted to make latte or Americano, doing a great job of slowing down drinking time and helping to neutralize the pH level of your coffee.

Brewing Methods And Their Effect On Acidity

The way a coffee is brewed also has an impact on how acidic it is. The cooler the water used to brew, the fewer acidic oils will be present in the cup. For this reason, cold brewed coffee or any brewing method that uses cooler than normal water will be a useful way of reducing the acid in a cup.

Whether cold brewed coffee is to your taste is another matter, but there are popular options such as the Aeropress which a lot of people like, which uses water at 175-185F, considerably cooler than the accepted norm of using water just off the boil.

So, if you’ve been advised to cut down on the coffee intake, or if you just prefer coffee that has less strength to it, it may be possible to come to a compromise, and find a low acid brew that you can drink a lot of, it’s a matter of personal taste but if you can find a cold brewed dark roasted coffee that you enjoy, you’re onto a good thing.


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