Make Coffee Without A Coffee Maker

The Different Ways To Make Coffee Without A Coffee Maker

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Make Coffee Without A Coffee MakerThe less fortunate of us occasionally find ourselves in need of a coffee in all the wrong places. No coffee maker at work? Dry your eyes, things will get better, hopefully after you implement one of the great coffee making techniques in this guide. Yes, those without a coffee maker (but a few more common kitchen items) take heart, there are solutions!

How To Make Coffee Without A Coffee Maker

Making coffee is quite a simple process, but it can be quite technical to get the perfect cup. These methods may be less than perfect, but in a pinch they are considerably better than nothing.

For all these methods, while it is taken as a given that freshly ground beans are best, it is unlikely that you’ll be in a situation where you have the means to grind your coffee but not the means to make it. If you need to, just buy ground coffee, but the fresher it is the better.

Also keep in mind that these are solutions for making long coffee.Click here to read our ideas for making espresso without a machine.

Strainer Method

You can use a strainer to make a reasonable cup of coffee. Simply heat the water for the amount you require in a kettle, saucepan or microwave. You want water that is just short of boiling. While this is heating you should measure 1-2 tablespoons of coarse ground coffee per serving (250ml) into a heatproof jug.

When the water is at the correct temperature just pour the water over the grounds in the jug and leave to steep for around 6 minutes, stirring gently half way through. When you’re ready to serve, pour the mixture through a strainer into the cup, pouring the coffee but keeping the beans from entering the cup. Drink cautiously and hope for the best.

Coffee Bag Method

You’ve seen a tea bag. Well, this is a coffee bag. Take a serving of ground coffee and wrap it in a single paper coffee filter, tie the parcel with twine. Place the coffee bag into a mug or cup and dangle the end of the twine over the side of the mug to make it easier to remove it. Pour hot water (again, just off the boil) and leave the coffee to brew for 4-5 minutes. Remove the parcel and there you have it. It’s coffee, whether it is nice coffee is debatable, but this article doesn’t promise nice.

A Better Solution

If these methods sounds strange and taste stranger, there are better ways to get coffee. They do require a coffee maker, but coffee makers can be cheap and portable and promise so much more than the coffee you just made with your coffee bag.

A French press coffee maker is probably your cheapest and simplest option. It can give you the means to get creative and make delicious coffee. So if you care about coffee, get a coffee maker, they aren’t all expensive and complicated, they can be simple and great at the same time. With some simple instructions you can get the coffee you really want.

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