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The Cuisinart SS-700 Single Serve Coffee Maker Vs Keurig K-Cup Machines

Cuisinart SS-700 vs KeurigKeurig is an American company that specializes in coffee related products for both commercial and domestic use. Their most innovative product and the reason they are most known for is the K- Cup, a single serving coffee brewing system.

These K- Cups are a very interesting product. They are plastic containers that come equipped with a coffee filter in the inside. The K- Cups are filled with ground coffee beans and, subsequently, air- tight sealed with a lid made of a combination material of plastic and foil.

Each K- Cup, as its “single serving coffee brewing system” name suggests, constitutes one serving or one cup of coffee, and the brewing method is automatized. The user must place the K- Cup in a Keurig brewer, which will puncture the top (the foil lid) and the bottom of the container, forcing hot pressurized water through the K- Cup and into the mug. Originally, K- Cups were only available for coffee, but several varieties can be found nowadays: tea, hot chocolate, iced tea, iced coffee and even fruit drinks. Clearly, the mechanism has improved since its inception, but the main idea remains the same: to be able to brew a great cup of coffee virtually instantly.

Besides manufacturing and creating the K- Cups, Keurig also produces and sells the brewers themselves. Brewing temperature in these machines is often 192° F or 89° C, but some models allow users to adjust the temperature setting.


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Besides the Keurig brand brewers, there are other machines that function with the K- Cups, the Cuisinart ss 700 being one of them.

Just as its counterpart, the Cuisinart ss 700 is a versatile appliance that can be used for domestic or commercial use, for personal use only or for entertaining a guest party. This is also a single serve brewing system and works in a similar way to the Keurig machines and uses K- Cups for brewing its coffee. All the Keurig K- Cups that are available on the market work with Cuisinart as well, and the mechanism is the same. The particularity of the Cuisinart is its one touch technology that makes it easier than ever for consumers to brew and enjoy a vast variety of hot and cold beverages.

The Hot Water Button is the one in charge of the brewing process and will allow the user to enjoy their favorite coffee variety, soup, hot cocoa and more in no time. Other featured settings include: automatic brewing, rinse control (which allows cleaning the brewing chamber), extra-large removable 80 oz. water container and more.

These machines (either Keurig or Cuisinart brand) are very innovative and have a lot of things going for them: originality, practicality, time efficiency. Since the coffee they use is the same and comes pre-packaged and pre-prepared, there is actually no difference when it comes to choosing a product. The secret lies in the cups they use, and both use the same. So if you are looking into buying one of these single serving brewers, keep in mind that as long as they use K- Cups, there will be no difference in the final beverage. Just take into account your budget and availability in your area and you will be set.

Here are our favorite Keurig machines as well as the Cuisinart K-cup models.

Cuisinart SS-700 Single Serve Brewing System, SilverCuisinart SS-300 Single Serve Brewing System, Silver – Powered by KeurigCuisinart SS-780 Single Serve Coffee Brewing SystemKeurig K130/B130 Brewing SystemKeurig K45 Elite Brewing System, BlackKeurig K550 2.0 Brewer, Silver


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