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The Best Water To Coffee Ratio For French Press

Water To Coffee Ratio French PressThere are a lot of factors to consider when making your coffee, regardless of method used. French press is a great way of getting the most out of your coffee beans, but only so long as you get the basics right. It’s surprising how many people get their ratios wrong, but because of all the other issues that might affect the coffee, don’t realize it.

This isn’t a full set of instructions, but a discussion of ratios and the other key issues associated with the french press method.

Ratios And The Need For Precision

The ratio that is recommended to start with is 1:10, so first weigh the water for the amount of cups you need and then divide that weight by ten for the amount of coffee you need to weigh out. If you need to make 600g worth of coffee to drink then make sure the ground coffee beans weigh 60g.

It really is worth being as precise as possible to start off with, weigh everything and don’t guess. Your coffee will be all the better for your care and attention and once you’re following a plan, you can change things to experiment without any conflicting variables.

If you’re using the correct ratio of water to coffee and you’re still having problems with the taste of your cup there are plenty of other things you can look at.


One of the most common problems with French Press coffee is overextraction. If you don’t put the coffee in a carafe once it has brewed then it’ll keep on brewing, the eventual result is a thick, bitter cup of black coffee. Avoid this at all costs.

The Grind

French Press coffee requires a coarse grind, due to the long brewing time and getting the grain too fine or too coarse can make your coffee weak or filled with sediment. It should take 15-20lb of pressure to press the filter down, if it’s too hard to press then the grind is most likely too thin and if it’s too easy then your grind may be too thick. If you’re grinding the coffee yourself, as you should for best results, you’re looking for something like the consistency of rock salt.

Brewing Time

It’s important to time your brew! People who are very experienced at brewing with this method rely on timers to get it right, you should too, to start off with. You need to brew your coffee for precisely 4 minutes. No more and no less unless you prefer the taste of a slightly longer or shorter brew. Then, get that coffee into a suitable storage container to prevent overextraction (as mentioned above).

There is loads of room for experimentation with this brewing method, but it’s important to weigh for good ratios and time the brew. Once you’ve got the idea, you can mess with all of it, but it makes sense to master the norm before you go off on tangents.


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