Small Electric Burr Coffee Grinder

Small Electric Burr Coffee Grinders

Choosing Between Blade or Burr Coffee Grinders

The best way to get great-tasting coffee right in front of you on a daily basis (without having to pay a premium at a local cafe) is to grind your own coffee beans at home. Not only are grinders fairly inexpensive, but they’re also fairly easy to use and the newer models can often double as coffee makers or even espresso machines.

Unfortunately, buying a coffee grinder and choosing the right one isn’t as easy as making the decision of brewing your coffee yourself. And, when you do decide to go shopping for your own grinder, you’ll first end up having to choose between blade or burr coffee grinders. We would be amiss if we didn’t advise you to stick with the burr models only.

Of the two, most people end up buying the former, which sometimes is the wrong choice, especially since small electric burr coffee grinders are so obviously the better choice if you want your coffee to taste it’s best.

Now, this isn’t to say that blade coffee grinders aren’t good for anything, but if you’re going to spend your money on coffee accessories you may as well get the best options even if it cost you $10-$20 more.

Below we’ve listed a few small entry level units that should do just fine for the average person.

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Why Are Burr Coffee Grinders Better?

The answer to this question is rather simple and it all boils down to how electric burr coffee grinders are able to grind coffee beans to much more consistent particles compared to their bladed counterparts.

As any coffee aficionado would be the first to tell you, the more consistent the grind the better tasting the coffee will be, which is why it makes perfect sense to buy a burr coffee grinder.

Coffee lover or not, it’s definitely recommended to go buy a burr coffee grinder, even if they may be a bit more expensive. The smaller units are priced very attractively in most cases and they can still be used for a plethora of kitchen tasks.

In the end this minimal expense is nothing when you can get the best tasting coffee possible at all hours of the day or night. Yes, we do want to see you swing by our coffee shop but we also know that brewing good coffee in the home is important too.