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Selecting The Perfect Grinder: The Baratza Encore Vs The Capresso Infinity

Though we have covered the Baratza Encore coffee grinder before, we have only done so by comparing it to another device by the same name brand. Another option available on the market, besides Baratza, is the Capresso brand. The word itself is a combination of “cappuccino” and “espresso”, which can be a pretty good indicator if we want to know what this brand (and consequently, their products) is about.

Both products can be directly purchased through their respective company’s website and both are around US $150, so the difference between them (if we find there is any) will rest in their technical capabilities rather than their price.

 Baratza Encore – Conical Burr Coffee Grinder (with Bin) Capresso 560.01 Infinity Burr Grinder, Black

Capresso was founded in 1994 and since its beginnings this company has strived for perfection when it comes to domestic coffee related devices. We are talking about coffee grinders, coffee makers, espresso machines and automatic water kettles, among several other kitchen appliances.

The Capresso Infinity grinder is equipped with 16 settings in total that go from a super fine Turkish grind to coarse. The burrs are conical and steel, and the resulting grinding is high-precision.

Among other settings, this grinder includes the following: safety lock system, reduced noise option, different grinding speeds (the lowest will reduce heat and friction and will be the best choice when it comes to preserving aroma and flavor in any grind size), the timer can be set to grind from 5 to 60 seconds and lastly, a cleaning brush and measuring cup are included.

As we can see from the previous description, the Capresso Infinity is definitely a versatile device with a lot of options to choose from. Its capabilities are remarkable, even more so when it’s competitive pricing is added to the discussion. So, what happens with the Baratza Encore?

We previously discussed this product and noted that it is known as the best option for those coffee lovers out there that are still getting comfortable with the brewing process and its quirks and whims. With a lot of options to choose from itself, the Baratza Encore is a high precision grinder that works best with medium to coarse grounds, resulting in the perfect coffee ground size to brew a beverage in those devices that are most common in households around the globe: automatic drip machines and pour over methods.

The main disadvantage when choosing and buying a grinder is hidden in plain view: an investment must be made. At US $150, you wouldn’t want to be stuck with the wrong device, wouldn’t you? Even if we take into account that there are grinders far pricier than these, we are talking about commitment. This is not a case, like we usually say, of trying what is best for you because both grinders cost the same and what they have to offer is incredibly similar. The answer is quite simple, in my opinion. If you are looking into buying a grinder for domestic use, any of these will be a perfect choice. When time passes and you feel you are ready for a more complicated device, remember our review of the Baratza Virtuoso.


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