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Is It Safe to Put Coffee Grind Down the Garbage Disposal?

coffee grind in garbage disposalThe garbage disposal unit is one of the wonders of the modern home. Instead of having to direct all your garbage into trash cans, which then have to be emptied out on a regular basis, you can instead use the garbage disposal. Whatever goes into the disposal unit gets ground up, and you don’t usually have to think about it unless the unit gets clogged or begins to stink.

There are some sites online which suggest that people can run coffee grounds into their garbage disposal units, in order to get rid of an unpleasant odor. The idea is that an existing bad scent gets replaced by a coffee smell. Unfortunately, it appears that this advice can actually cause more problems than it solves. The general consensus currently appears to be that it is, in fact, not a good idea to put coffee grind down your garbage disposal.

The main problem that arises is that the coffee grind will accumulate over time, and will eventually create a sludgy mass which will clog the disposal unit, and will be difficult to remove. There have been stories of coffee grind clogging up the plumbing, even in places like coffee shops, where you would think that their more industrial type plumbing could handle it. And yet, people who work in coffee shops talk of how, even if they make it a point to avoid coffee grind getting into their disposal unit, the small amount that does end up there still manages to clog things up.

Now, this does not mean that the coffee grinds will destroy the garbage disposal itself. What it does mean is that you could end up with clogged plumbing which will be a pain to fix.

In addition, putting coffee grinds in a garbage disposal unit could end up making it smell worse. At first, the coffee smell might be pleasant. But over time, it will be possible for microorganisms to grow and thrive in the accumulated coffee grind. This will then be the cause of unpleasant smells.

So it would be better not to send your coffee grind into your garbage disposal. Thankfully, there are other things that you can do with the grind, which can be helpful. One thing that many people do is turn their used grind into compost. This can then be great for their plants and gardens. In fact, there are some coffee shops which package their used grind and give it away for free. People benefit because they receive free material for their gardens, while the coffee shop benefits by finding a sustainable way to get rid of the grind.

Even if you don’t have a garden, you can still use the grind on any plants that you might have. Or you can do what the coffee shops do and give it away to other people who do have gardens, and who would appreciate receiving the used grind. Coffee grind can also be used as a type of air freshener, if you are fond of the smell of coffee. Again, there are many possible uses for the grind, so there is no need to make life difficult by putting it in the garbage disposal.


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