Insulated Coffee Urns

Insulated Coffee Urns

Insulated coffee urns are great for keeping a large amount of coffee warm for an extended period of time in social settings. Keep in mind that these do not make coffee – they just store and keep your already made coffee heated.

They’re good choice for parties or events like weddings or award ceremonies. They also are ideal for a medium to large office, a teacher’s lounge in school, a greeting area in a church, or in a college dorm room for the students that really need to stay awake. Finally, they’re excellent for coffee shops and cafés that need to have larger batches of coffee available at all times.

Insulated coffee urns are not designed to be easily portable; however, when empty, they can be carried via the handles they come with. They all come with a one-hand dispenser so you can simply press and serve.

Nesco CU-30 Professional Coffee Urn, 6.8-Liter, Stainless SteelMore Info Aroma ACU-140S Stainless-Steel 40-Cup Coffee UrnMore Info Bon Chef 40005 Stainless Steel Aurora Insulated Coffee Urn, 5 gal Capacity, Brass AccentsMore Info Continental Electric PS77961 Pro Series 100-Cup Stainless Steel Double Walled Coffee UrnMore Info Bon Chef 40005CH Stainless Steel Aurora Insulated Coffee Urn with Chrome Trim, 5 gal Capacity, Chrome AccentsMore Info 9.5L/2.5GAL Stainless Insulated Beverage DispenserMore Info Zojirushi CV-DSC40 VE Hybrid Water Boiler and Warmer, Stainless SteelMore Info 4.8 Quart Insulated Stainless Steel Electric Hot Water Pot/Hot Water Boiler And Warmer, With Auto & Manual Water DispenserMore Info

Product Descriptions

  • Our insulated coffee urns range in price from $30.00 to $1250.00 and can hold up to 100 cups of coffee, depending upon the size you select.
  • If you need an urn with style, we recommend the urns with a stainless steel exterior, equipped with handles and pour spouts.
  • If you need to keep track of the level of coffee available, we suggest looking into those with a water level indicator.
  • If you want to use an urn for more than just coffee (hot water for example), we recommend purchasing one with the “water boiler” feature, so that you can heat up your liquid at a moment’s notice.
  • These urns come with a form of detachable lid to make emptying and cleaning more efficient; and many come with some sort of locking mechanism, making spillage less probable.
  • For the material, you can select from stainless steel with plastic, brass, or chrome handles.


The majority of insulated coffee urns use stainless steel for their base and body, but they use plastic handles and pour spouts to keep you from being burned. You can also choose from brass or chrome accented, stainless steel coffee urns for a more elegant, or professional touch.

Stainless steel: stainless steel provides better insulation (keeping beverages hot or cold longer), and does not stain as quickly as other materials.

Brass/chrome accented: Brass or chrome accents add a refined and elegant look to a coffee urn. Urns with these accents are a good choice for high-dollar establishments, events, or parties such as weddings, televised or celebrity events.

Additional Perks and Information

You will not have to worry about keeping such a large amount coffee hot if you purchase an insulated coffee urn, as they’re guaranteed to keep your coffee warm for hours.