grind coffee without coffee grinder

How To Grind Coffee Beans Without A Grinder

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grind coffee without coffee grinderMost people who love coffee would agree that one of the best things about it is the amazing aroma freshly ground coffee has… even people who aren’t big fans of its flavor can agree with me on this one. That is one of the main reasons why coffee aficionados prefer grinding their beans at home rather than buy them in store.

But what happens when your grinder fails you, breaks or you’re simply in a situation where coffee grinders are not available?

Well, fear no more, because we are here with a few ideas that can get you out of this undesired situation and award you with a delicious drink made of freshly ground coffee beans.

One very popular grinder substitute is a mortar. Here is an example of a modern day mortar if you didn’t grow up with one of these in the kitchen.

Using its correspondent pestle, one can pound the beans until the wanted thickness is reached. Mind you, this is an exercise that requires a bit of practice, and we recommend starting with just a few beans at a time. If you just pour all of your beans into the mortar at once, chances are they are just going to start flying across the room making the situation much harder than it has to be. As with many things, practice makes perfect and you will get the hang of this in almost no time.

Pardon the interruption – When’s the last time you cleaned your coffee maker btw?

Though with a mortar and pestle a fairly even grind can be reached, we acknowledge the fact that these tools are not to be found in just any kitchen. In that case, you can just use a hammer or a meat tenderizing mallet. You will just need to place your beans inside a plastic bag or in between sheets of parchment paper and subsequently place that package between towels (in order to not be so harsh on the beans). Afterwards, you will simply start crushing the beans. Mind you, unless you have an amazingly steady hand, it will be hard to reach a consistent size with this method, but the beans will still be usable and, though the coffee they brew might not be the finest, it will be enough to get your day started.

If you rather, you can use a rolling pin. This is a similar method than the one we previously discussed, but will get you a more consistent ground. You will have to prepare the beans like we told you: a plastic bag or parchment paper inside thin towels or cloths. If you do not have a rolling pin at hand, a (full) can of food or a sturdy bottle (be careful and don’t hurt yourself!) will do just fine.

Though this following device might be a little hard to find, we still want to cover all of the options we could think of and using an old- style hand mincer or grinder seemed perfectly fine to get this job done. Of course, with this gadget you will not be able to choose a grind size, but the result will be consistent and even, even more so than with the rolling pin method.

Finally, a blender. This is a fairly common kitchen appliance that has many uses to it, and grinding coffee might just be another one. For this to work, you will need to place enough beans to cover the blades inside the correspondent measuring cup (these cups usually come with the blender when it is bought). By paying attention to the timing, you will be able to come up with different sizes in a way that requires very little physical effort.

So, after these five different methods, there is no excuse. They are also good alternatives if you want to start grinding your own coffee but are not ready to commit to a grinder just yet. Just use your imagination and be patient. With a little time, you will be able to brew your morning cup of Joe.

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