hario skerton vs mini

Hario Skerton vs Mini Mill Slim Coffee Grinders

hario skerton vs miniFor people who are serious about having the best possible tasting coffee at home, it’s important to move away from pre-ground coffee. If you have your own coffee grinder at home, you can grind the beans only when they are actually needed, which helps to ensure better flavor. A lot of people don’t consider getting their own grinder because of the fear that such a purchase will break the bank. Thankfully however, there are product options available which are less expensive since the grind takes place manually, as opposed to using an electric motor.

Hario is a company which is well-known for its affordable coffee grinders, and two of the models that tend to stand out are the Skerton and Mini Mill slim coffee grinders. These models share a number of important things in common. Both of them are machine washable, which makes maintenance and cleaning of either product much more convenient. Also, since they’re both made by the same company, you can expect similar levels of quality and sturdiness, both of which are important in a manual coffee grinder. However, there are also key differences.

One important difference is coffee grinding capacity. Of the two, the Skerton allows you to grind more coffee beans. More specifically, this model can generally handle 60 grams of beans, and it can be pushed to grind up to around 75 grams of beans. This is different from the Mini Mill where you’re looking at more of a 50 gram capacity. However, while the Mini Mill can theoretically grind 50 grams of beans, you will find that the attached container isn’t large enough to handle all 50 grams of the final output. Instead, the capacity of that container is only more around 30 grams of fine grind, so this needs to be taken into consideration.

The difference in size will help to determine which model is right for you. If you normally only brew coffee for yourself and another person, the Mini Mill will be able to handle your needs. But if you usually have four or more people over for coffee, you’ll find that the Mini Mill will have a more difficult time providing the amount of coffee grind that you need. However, the Skerton with its larger capacity won’t have this kind of issue, so for larger coffee gatherings, the Skerton will usually be the better choice.

Another important difference relates to the ability to set the coarseness or fineness of the grind with greater accuracy. This is one area where the Mini Mill has the upper hand. The dial that is used to set its grind setting has a clicking sound which can be heard. This means that you can take note of the number of clicks for a particular grind, and you can adjust the number of these clicks based on whether extra coarseness or fineness is needed for a later grind. Also, the clicking sound allows a person to more easily reproduce the same kind of grind, over and over again. As far as maintaining a consistently preferred grind, the Mini Mill makes this much easier.

For more specs on these products make sure to see this page on the Mini Mill, which is cheaper by the way. Or check out this page for the Skerton which can handle a bit more grind for a few dollars more.