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Cuisinart Single Serve Coffee Maker vs. Keurig Coffee Machines

Cuisinart Single Cup Coffee Maker V KeurigThe Cuisinart Single Serve and Keurig coffee makers have a lot of points in common actually. First of all, they’re both single serve machines, which means that they’re catering to a demographic which doesn’t need to brew 4 or 5 cups at one time. This offers the advantage of a quicker brewing time, given the lesser coffee volume. Both the Cuisinart and Keurig can have a cup of coffee ready in about a minute, so there isn’t much of a wait before you can enjoy a morning cup.

Both of these machines are also designed to make use of K-cups. This means that they offer the ease and convenience of a simple brewing process, and there isn’t much of a mess to clean up afterward. The downside is that both of them contribute to more K-cups in landfills, but this is one area where neither one has an advantage.

This is also where one major difference surfaces. While Keurig’s earlier models worked with any kind of K-cup, the newer 2.0 models have instituted digital rights management or DRM. This means that only approved and licensed K-cups will work with these machines, and this can mean that older K-cups that used to work fine on a Keurig will no longer work. Instead, the Keurig coffee maker will give you an error message. So far, it seems that Cuisinart is not going down this path, so with their single brewers, you have the freedom to go with any K-cups of your choice, including any older ones you might have in stock.

Another difference between these two machines is price. While the price difference will depend on the specific model chosen, the Cuisinart will usually be more expensive by around $50. While it does usually cost more, you do receive some additional perks for the price. For instance, there’s the fact that the Cuisinart has a strong reputation in the area of product design and build quality. Also, someone who already has a bunch of Cuisinart kitchen appliances may very well want to choose a coffee maker from the same company.

The Cuisinart also generally runs quieter than the Keurig, and it has a much larger reservoir at 80 ounces compared to the Keurig. This can make a big difference in terms of convenience, because there’s less need to keep on refilling the coffee maker each time. That larger volume means the Cuisinart will be more likely to be ready to brew, compared to the Keurig. There’s also a water filter in the Cuisinart, which helps to ensure that the water used to brew the coffee is as pure as possible. People who are serious about their coffee taste are going to appreciate this extra effort to provide good water quality.

As far as the Keurig is concerned, it does offer the advantage of using the K-carafe packs, which allows for easier brewing of larger quantities of coffee. These can range from 2 to 4 cups. So if you have company over a lot, and you’re willing to go for these carafe packs, that may be a compelling advantage for the Keurig.

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