Travel Mug Under Keurig

Can You Fit A Travel Mug Under A Keurig Coffee Maker?

Travel Mug Under KeurigKeurig coffee makers are single cup coffee machines, perfect for the solitary coffee drinker or anyone who prefers to enjoy coffee without having to make gallons of it at once. The bigger machines are a waste of coffee a lot of the time, and regularly under-perform when asked to make small amounts. These Keurig coffee makers allow for less waste and when you get the hang of it, they make one cup of great coffee.

Why So Small?

The only problem is that a LOT of cups you and I own just won’t fit under them. Most insulated mugs are built to hold more coffee than a Keurig is designed to make, so you’ll need to bear that in mind when accessorizing your machine. Buying a cup is not as easy for a Keurig machine than for larger coffee makers.

Fortunately, there are an increasing amount of good cups for sale that will fit under your Keurig coffee maker, thanks to the growing popularity of single serve machines. Anything up to 16oz cups can fit, depending on their shape, but considering most Keurig machines only make around 10oz at a time so you don’t need to buy one that big unless you want to use it with other machines too. A smaller cup is better designed to keep small amounts of coffee warm, and they are generally cheaper than larger ones.

Making a single cup of coffee has other advantages too, seeing as you’re inevitably going to drink a single serving quicker than a full flask, you don’t need so much of the expensive insulating technology that some of the cups provide. If you’re not keeping your coffee all day, you can get away with a simple model, saving money in the process. If you’re just taking some on the commute to work perhaps a lidded mug would do the job for you.

Here are some of the best mugs for singe serve brewers.

Patterson Wide Base Travel MugOXO Good Grips Single Serve Travel Mug, SilverKeepCup 8-Ounce Brew Glass Reusable Coffee Cup, Small, MetalChantal Single Serve Stainless Steel Easy Travel Mug, 10-Ounce, Blue

Paper, Plastic, Steel Or Ceramic?

The material a cup is made out of can be an important factor in its usefulness. While a paper or foam cup will do for most people, some aficionados complain that these taint the flavor of the coffee so if you’re a perfectionist then these might not be for you.

Stainless steel or good quality plastic should not affect the coffee flavor in any way, after all these are the materials that coffee machines are made of, but if you’re buying something cheap then there’s a chance it’s not designed with quality in mind.

It is also worth noting that drinking through the lid of a cup impacts the aroma or a coffee and this is of course a big influence in the taste of a coffee. Also, the size of the opening of the cup affects how much heat is lost and how quickly, if you use a wide mug then it will cool quicker than a narrower one because of the larger surface area unprotected by the insulating mug.

As with all things coffee-related, there is a world of options out there and sometimes the variety of different mugs, cups and flasks you can put your coffee in can make a difference in how you taste and preserve your coffee. Your travel cup can make or break your morning coffee, so it makes sense to research the right cup for you.