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Can You Boil Water With A Coffee Maker?

Boil Water In A Coffee MakerCoffee machines heat water very well, they use hot water to make coffee and they often keep the coffee hot too. The thing is, coffee is best made with water that’s just off the boil, so you probably aren’t going to get boiling water, but pretty close.

Coffee And Water Temperature

The ideal temperature for making coffee is 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit. This is what your coffee machine is aiming for, unless you have one with adjustable temperature settings. This is averaging a full 12 degrees below boiling point. While this might sound like quite a lot, it’s actually not a lot at all, and it doesn’t take long for boiling water to drop to the best temperature for making coffee. Just a minute or two.

So, given that it only takes a minute or two for boiling water to cool to coffee machine temperatures, unless you need to maintain a boil or you need the water to be actually bubbling then the water from your coffee machine is likely to fit most purposes. It’ll make a cup of tea fine or dissolve almost anything that boiling water will.

When You’ll Need Boiling Water

There are some jobs most coffee machines wouldn’t do well. If you’re trying to sterilize anything, that task definitely requires boiling water. Then again, who’s going to be so daft as to put a pacifier in a coffee machine? The residual caffeine in the system could give parent and baby nightmares. If you’re using the water to make a sauce or soup that needs to thicken, then boiling that and doing so for longer would give you best results too.

Stove Top Coffee Makers

There are of course stove top coffee makers which use boiled water to make espresso-style coffee. These are designed to boil water, but of course anything that can hold water and be safely placed on a stove can boil water. These aren’t however designed to hold boiling water for long, once the water reaches boiling point the water is forced upwards through the coffee by the pressure it generates. So, while you will get hotter water from a stove top coffee maker, you can’t hold it safely at boiling point, so it doesn’t really serve as a better solution to keeping water at boiling point.

In practice, your coffee maker can produce water hot enough for most purposes, but it’s not the most convenient way to achieve what you’re trying to do. Unless you’re making an instant coffee or a flask of tea then you can do better with other equipment. You’ll most likely need to clean your coffee machine before you use it for anything else, the flavor of coffee is quite strong and most water containers will hold some of it and taint the taste of whatever else you’re going to use the water for. So, although it can be done, it’s not as convenient as you might think.


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