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From time to time we get questions about the specific products we sell or recommend to our customers. This isn’t odd; it’s normal in fact. We decided that it would be best for our customers to write a bit about the common questions that our products spawn for easy reference. Below you will see a wide variety of questions about our most popular products answered for your benefit. Enjoy!

Automatic Drip Coffee vs Coffee Percolator

The Difference Between the Automatic Drip Coffee Maker and the Coffee Percolator

In the previous article, we compared two methods of brewing coffee, the French Press and...

French Press vs Coffee Percolator

The French Press vs. Coffee Percolator – The Differences Explained

In today’s article, we will compare two coffee brewing devices with distinct approaches towards the...

Aluminum Moka Pot vs. Stainless Steel

Aluminum Moka Pot vs. Stainless Steel – Which is Better From a Taste and Safety Perspective

What is a Moka Pot anyways? Basically, a Moka Pot is an appliance in which...


The Cuisinart SS-700 Single Serve Coffee Maker Vs Keurig K-Cup Machines

Keurig is an American company that specializes in coffee related products for both commercial and...

The Scoop Coffee Maker vs. Keurig: Differences Explained

Keurig has made a name for itself as one of the go-to brands for single-serve...


Cuisinart Single Serve Coffee Maker vs. Keurig Coffee Machines

The Cuisinart Single Serve and Keurig coffee makers have a lot of points in common...


The Baratza Encore vs. The Breville Smart Grinder (BCG800XL): Coffee Grinders Head To Head

People who love their coffee know that it’s important to have their own grinder. By...

Baratza Encore Vs Capresso Infinity

Selecting The Perfect Grinder: The Baratza Encore Vs The Capresso Infinity

Though we have covered the Baratza Encore coffee grinder before, we have only done so...

The Baratza Encore Vs Virtuoso – Coffee Grinders Compared

The word Baratza itself is an Arabic noun that reminisces to a place where the...

Bonavita vs Technivorm Coffee Maker

The Bonavita Coffee Maker vs. Technivorm Moccamaster

People who take care to buy only high quality coffee beans know that it’s just...

Baratza Encore vs. Bodum Bistro

The Baratza Encore vs. Bodum Bistro Coffee Grinders

For people who really care a great deal about the flavor of their coffee, it’s...


Is the Bodum Chambord French Press Dishwasher Safe?

Many of the people who purchase a Bodum Chambord French press know that they’re paying...

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