16 Oz French Press Coffee Makers

16 Oz French Press Coffee Makers

Whoever said that there is no fined brewed coffee like the Italian coffee must have lived in the 19th century and never had a chance to experience a taste of French made Coffee made using the “French press pot”.

French Press Coffee Makers are elegant and more efficient in delivering a potentially thicker and a bolder cup of coffee.

A “French Press pot” is basically what you call Caffettiera a stantuffo in Italy or a coffee plunger in layman’s language. You get get french presses up to 12-cups in size but most people like making single serve french press in smaller cafetieres like these.

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Designs and Modifications.

The French Press has experienced a number of modifications since its first make in 1929 by an Italian named Attilio Calimani. The most recent models of the coffee makers are as follows:

  • Bodum.-1982.
  • Aerobie Aero Press
  • Pour –Overs
  • Grosche
  • Espro
  • Ikea upphetta


Generally, the current modern product consists of a narrow cylindrical beaker, made of either glass or clear plastic, a plunger that fits tightly in the cylinder with a nylon wire affiliated with a metal or plastic lid.

16Oz French Press Coffee Makers.

This model is mostly used in recent days because of it’s efficiency. The 16 oz Press Coffee Maker holds 4-5 cups of coffee which is equivalent to 0.5 Liters .

This product is relatively affordable as it price ranges from $20-$40 when new.

Advantages of The 16Oz French Press Coffee Maker.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Demure pouring and very smooth rounded edges.
  • The coffee maker has Heat Resistant borosilicate glass

Recipe, Ingredients and Preparation.

French presses are typically sized at approximately 4 oz. “cups.

The method of preparing coffee from French Press Coffee Makers is almost similar and the only difference lies in variety of the models from different companies.


  • Course Ground coffee
  • Hot water
  • Milk froth(optional)


  • Pour very hot water into the carafe.
  • Add ground coffee directly into the water.
  • Install lid into the plunger assembly.
  • After the coffee has brewed for about 3-4 minutes, ensure that you press down the plunger.
  • A fine mesh screen forces the ground to the bottom and your coffee is ready for consumption.

Preparation Precautions and Hazards.

  • Do not plunge with force.
  • Use only Coarse grounded coffee
  • Excessive plunging can cause scalding hot liquid to sprout out.


Many 16 ounce coffee presses actually hold a lot less coffee. They are essentially single serve containers. You can see more similar units on our 12 oz french press page or on our small french press page.